Although Amy and Jacob grew up only a few miles apart in New York City, they did not meet until medical school, where Amy was the first person that Jacob met. As anatomy lab partners, they got to know each other through the romantic activity of dissecting a cadaver. Amy impressed Jacob with her intricate and multi-colored drawings of anatomical structures. Jacob, with his near-complete inability to commit anatomical facts to memory, didn't exactly 'wow' her back, but he redeemed himself with a willingness to do the unpleasant portions of each dissection. Luckily, Jacob fared better outside of the classroom, where they teamed up to conquer large meals of 25-cent wings, construct esoteric Toy Story-themed Halloween costumes, and coordinate their best attempts at Bhangra dancing. Between walking Huxley (Jacob's chocolate labrador) and long nights spent studying, Jacob and Amy found many opportunities to talk about their shared love of science, food, and cute animal videos. 

Initially, Jacob and Amy were "just friends"... Jacob liked Amy, but she always insisted on walking home by herself (to demonstrate her independence, she later clarified, not because she didn't like Jacob). Over time, they found more and more excuses to study and spend time together, and their pre-study session dinners were becoming more and more like dates. It was after one such outing to Zenna Noodle Bar that Jacob finally gathered the courage to tell Amy that he admired not only her ability to distinguish between hepatitis viruses, but also that he found her beautiful and charming. To his surprise and delight, she told him that she shared his feelings (and much to his relief, promised that she would keep helping him learn microbiology). From there, they fell in love over trips to the Berkshires and hijinks with Huxley. Amy helped Jacob set up his first apartment, and they supported each other through painful medical licensing exams, as well as the trials of being a third-year medical student and a first-year PhD student, with delicious home-cooked meals and little adventures, from skiing to country music concerts. Along the way, they also acquired additional members of their team including a stuffed Sarcoptes scabei named "Mite" and a raccoon named "Squirrel". In October, after a glass of wine on the roof of their building, Jacob asked Amy if she would marry him. With a suspicious (but hopeful) look, she asked, "Have you asked my parents?" Jacob assured her that he had, that Huxley had also endorsed the union, and that he had even promised not to eat the ring. Persuaded by these arguments, Amy said yes.